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Welcome to the Brand Library. This is an online storage space for FCDO brand tools, including logos, templates, and guidelines.

We will add additional elements for the new Department as they are developed. If you have any questions please emailĀ brandmanagers@fco.gov.uk.

To help you navigate your way around here's a quick overview:


This is where all the content is. There are four main galleries;

  • Brand Guidelines - The rules on how to use the FCDO corporate brand
  • Branding and Stationery kits - This has central FCDO corporate logos and logos for all posts
  • Marketing tools - This gallery contains templates for posters, brochures, leaflets and banners.
  • Image bank - These are FCDO stock photos. This includes images from around the world as well as portraits of senior staff.


Here you can manage your user account, change your password or update your location.


If you have a file you use frequently, or would like to not for later you can add it to your lightbox. It's a good way to jump to your posts toolkit.

Browse the gallery: FCO Logo files RGB

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