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Story posted: 27. August 2020 by Website Admin

Starting on 2 September 2020, you will be able to download FCDO logo files, templates and brand guidance here. The overall look and name of this library will not change for cost reasons. Over time, we will move to a new, single FCDO brand library.

If you have any questions, please email

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Photographs and

Story posted: 13. December 2018 by Website Admin

Many of the images on this site are purchased from stock image companies.  As such there are two things you need to know when using them.

1) They can only be used in FCO branded material.

They cannot be passed to other organisations or companies to use (even if they are other UK govt departments) as this would break our license agreement.

2) They cannot be used on .GOV website, even on our own pages.

The images are licensed for as long as we renew the agreement.  There is no reason we wont do that, but pages on .GOV are archived.  So any image used there must be licensed …

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Introducing the new consular campaign library

Story posted: 12. April 2016 by Website Admin

Looking for a photo or social media material for a local consular campaign or simply some inspiration? Look no further!

The new FCO Consular gallery houses a library of images, videos and other useful campaign materials from the Consular Communications team and consular posts around the world, all in one easy place.

Simply search for what you want or browse the consular campaign materials gallery by themes.

Best of all, it works both on unclassified and F3G!

If you would like to contribute some content to the library, please email the consular communications team .

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Infographic & photo templates for Twitter

Story posted: 3. December 2015 by Website Admin

We've updated the infographic tools to include a template designed specifically for Twitter to work in the feed.

Twitter is the most difficult social media to design for, as the preffered shape changes depending on how you view it (phone, tablet, computer).  The template has a 'safe area' marked on the template, so you can see where the safe area is to place your key content.  This means it should show in the feed without the viewer needing to click on the image.

We've also adapted the same template to work with photos.

You can use these templates with the infographic icons availab…

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Welcome to the Brand Library

Story posted: 11. August 2015 by Website Admin

Welcome to the Brand Library. This is an online storage space for FCDO brand tools, including logos, templates, and guidelines.

We will add additional elements for the new Department as they are developed. If you have any questions please email .

To help you navigate your way around here's a quick overview:


This is where all the content is. There are four main galleries;

Brand Guidelines - The rules on how to use the FCDO corporate brand

Branding and Stationery kits - This has central FCDO corporate logos and logos for all posts …

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