FCO Invitations - Word

These invitations are for electronic (email) use only.

If you are printing invitations please use the Invite Design file and get the invitations professionally printed (available in the Pro Design tools folder)

How to use
Insert your Post logo by copying the colour JPEG version from your Toolkit and inserting it into the top left corner.

Keep the size of the Crest the same as the FCO crest is on the template. You might find it helpful to print out copies for comparison the first time you do this.

Personalise with the relevant information and then check the positioning of the text within the invitation.

Saving the invite as a PDF.

  • Click Office button in Word (in top left corner) or F12

  • Type in file name for the invitation

  • In the drop down box below (Save as Type) select PDF.

  • Email to guests as a PDF attachment.