PREVIEW Traditional Invite GOLD with script style text

Invites - Gold

The gold invitations are only to be used in exceptional circumstances, when tradition or protocol dictate.

These should not be used as a standard invite.

You may be asked to justify the extra cost of printing in gold, so use these gold invites sparingly.

For all other circumstances please use the normal (blue) invitation.


Gold invites cannot be created using normal colour printers

The gold should be used as a special print treatment using embossing and gold foil (only on the crest, the text should be in black).

This may take time to produce, so you will need to plan ahead for this sort of printing.

About the files

There are two types of files here. PDFs for printing, and Indesign (.indd) files for designers.

For help with printing do read the FCO Invitation Guide below)

The .INDD files are in Adobe Indesign format, which is a professional quality print programme. Your printer or designer should be able to use the template design file and amend it add in personal details. Check with them that they can use Adobe Indesign files.

Please note that as these files are in Adobe InDesign you will not be able to open them on Firecrest terminal. However you can email the stationery file to your printer.

You will need to send the fonts for these files to your printer. The FCO design fonts (Frutiger) can be found in Home » Galleries » Stationery kits » FCO Design Fonts

If you need help with these files please contact