Chevron for MS Word to be used for document covers.    This version has space for an image to be placed behind.  There is no logo on this version, so you can add a post logo

Influencer Chevron without a logo (for Post logos)

If you want to create a cover effect that looks like a professional piufor your document you can use these FCO chevrons in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents.

This version of the chevron has no logo embedded allowing you to add your own post logo. This logo should be centred within the chevron, with the longest line of text aligned to the point of the chevron. Only use the white version of the post logo here.

The shapes should be placed over an image or photograph (see the brand guides for examples).

Save the images to your computer. Then insert them into your Word document.

You may need to resize them to fit the page.

To do this: Right click on the chevron and choose SIZE, then RESET PICTURE, then click OK).

Now right click on the image again, select TEXT WRAPPING, then MORE LAYOUT OPTIONS and chose the following settings:
Horizontal; Absolute position
- change to 0 (zero) and the option 'To the right of...' to PAGE.

Do the same for the Vertical.

Make sure MOVE OBJECT WITH TEXT is un-checked, and that lock anchor and allow overlap ARE checked.