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Logo files

These are high resolution logo files in two file formats, JPEG and EPS.

JPEG files can be used in most programmes, including Microsoft office.

EPS files are high resolution designer files. For professional print and design you should always use these files.

The logo files are in a variety of different colour formats. The logo Matrix PDF will give you an overview of these. But if you are unsure which to use contact Brand Managers.The last two or three letters of the file name will tell you it’s colour format.

JPEG colour formats:

  • RGB (colour - for MS Office & web use)

  • BK (black - for MS Office (black & white printers only)

  • EPS colour formats:
  • 1S (spot or Pantone - for single colour printing (blue) for stationery)

  • 4C (CMYK or 4 colour - for normal colour printing)

  • WT (White - for use on solid colour backgrounds)

  • BK (black - for use on black & white documents only)

  • If you need help with these files please contact