Printed Stationery

These are professional template files for your local printer/design company to make up business cards, letterheads and compliment slips to print in bulk.

Normal office PCs will not be able to open these files. If you need a letterhead for MS Word look in the Electronic Stationery gallery.

These files are in Adobe Indesign format, which is a professional quality print programme. Your printer should be able to use the template design file and amend it add in personal details. Check with them first that they can use Adobe Indesign files.

Please note that as these stationery files are in Adobe InDesign you will not be able to open them on Firecrest terminal. However you can email the stationery file to your printer.

These are designed to print in single colour (specifically known as Pantone printing). Please check that your printer can print in this format. In most cases it should be cheaper than normal colour printing as you are only printing in the one colour.

You will need to send the fonts for these files to your printer. The FCO design fonts (Frutiger) can be found in Home » Galleries » Stationery kits » FCO Design Fonts

If you need help with these files please contact brandmanagers@fco.gov.uk