HMG logo - For online

These files are designed for specifically for digital use and use a simplified crest.

PNG files are perfect for logos. They are transparent and small in file size. PNG works well with MS Office programmes.

The logo files are in a variety of different colour formats. See below for details, but if you are unsure which to use contact Brand Managers.The last two or three letters of the file name will tell you it’s colour format.

PNG colour formats:

  • Colour - for web, MS Office, video & web use

  • Black - for web, MS Office (black & white printers only)

  • White - for web, MS Office, use on solid colour backgrounds

  • Use of the Crest on its own is restricted.

    If you have an exceptional circumstance where you need to use the crest on it's own please contact to request access.

    If you need help with these files please contact