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Welcome to the FCO Brand Library. This is an online storage space for all FCO brand tools, from logos, stationery, posters, leaflets, office documents and photographs. Think of it like a library where you can get anything FCO brand-wise in an instant.

The library is specifically for FCO staff to help you use the brand correctly and get all the files you need at a click of a button.

The library will work on both Firecrest and on a stand alone PC connected to the internet. It may be better to download some files (usually ZIP files or EPS files) on a stand alone PC as Firecrest may block them.

If you have any suggestions for the library then please email them to us.

And if you have some content you think others might benefit from (this could be photographs or designs you have created locally) let is know.

To help you navigate your way around here's a quick overview:


This is where all the content is.  There are four main galleries;

  • Brand Guidelines - The rules on how to use the FCO corporate brand. There are some quickstart guides here that will give you a good overview of the FCO brand along with more detailed guides.

  • Branding and Stationery kits - This has all the FCO logos and templates for all the posts. Included in each of the toolkits is a selection of stationery for print (business cards, letterheads) and for MS Office (Word & PowerPoint files).

  • Marketing tools - This gallery contains templates for posters, brochures, leaflets and banners. There are DIY files you can use on Firecrest. And there are professional templates for print.

  • Image bank - These are FCO stock photos.  This includes images from around the world as well as portraits of senior FCO staff.

FCO Consular

Your one-stop shop for consular campaign materials, including the FCO’s Travelaware campaign and a selection of material developed locally by posts. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have some content you would like to submit, please email the consular communications team.


If you have a question about how to use the brand library or if you need help with the brand in general then the Frequently Asked Questions tab should be the first place to go.

This tab is always at the top of the screen.


We will keep you updated of what's new in the brand library here, as well as posting useful hints and tips on how to create really good communications material from the templates and photographs.


Probably the most useful feature here.  All the items have been created with useful metadata tags.  So if you are searching for a logo for Mexico City, then simply write 'logo mexico city' in the search box and it should take you to the file in an instant. 

There is a quick search bar on every page, but this is a more advanced search and will let you filter your search for a more accurate result.


Here you can manage your user account, change your password or update your location.

If you forget your password this is where to go for a reminder.

If you are still stuck then email us for help.


If you have a file you use frequently, or would like to note for later, you can add it to your lightbox.  It's a good way to jump to your post's toolkit or any other file you use frequently. You can also use it to collate files for a project.

FCO Digital Brand Library News Stories

FCDO brand

Story posted: August 27, 2020

Starting on 2 September 2020, you will be able to download FCDO logo files, templates and brand guidance here. The overall look and name of this library will not change for cost reasons. Over time, we will move to a new, single FCDO brand library.

If you have any questions, please email BrandManagers@fco.gov.uk.

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Introducing the new consular campaign library

Story posted: April 12, 2016

Looking for a photo or social media material for a local consular campaign or simply some inspiration? Look no further!

The new FCO Consular gallery houses a library of images, videos and other useful campaign materials from the Consular Communications team and consular posts around the world, all in one easy place.

Simply search for what you want or browse the consular campaign materials gallery by themes.

Best of all, it works both on unclassified and F3G!

If you would like to contribute some content to the library, please email the consular communications team.

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